Poet Fanzine #3

Poet Fanzine
About This Project

The third issue of this fanzine is dedicated to fashion and portraiture. It shows three fashion editorials, two artist portrait projects and a fashion show by the students of the Institut Català de la Moda that took place at Fabra i Coats in June 2019. This fanzine is also part of the final project of the Postgraduate course in Advertising and Corporate Photography of IEFC, Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. In this edition we can see the publishers "Teoh & Lea", who gave their clothes to make this project, "Playing in the Garden" with the collaboration of the model Lucía Moreno and "Rebel without a Cause" with the participation of the model Ariel Castro. In the portraits we find the musicians Professor Angel Dust and Marc Soler. Thank you all very much for making this project possible. Sees it!

POET # 3 consists of 40 pages, an advance and improvement over the previous two.

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